Aqua.Monsters has many years of experience for the fish transportation.

Before we ship out the fishes, we will stop the feeding to prevent the water pollution and consider the special fish feature, size, temperature...etc. then choose the best packaging solution!

Local Delivery (Taiwan Only)

The 2 ways to received your fishes,

1. The first choice of shipping is by air and the cost is $200NTD. (Take 3hrs only, just arrive to the airport of destination.)

2. If the air plane is not available, we could consider to ship by CFExpress and the cost around $200NTD. (Take 8-12hrs, you could decide to receive the shipments at home or go to the express station directly.)
3. If the amount of fish price exceed $3,000NTD, you don't need to pay the freight anymore. (You could Saved $200NTD!!) 
Regarding the shipping risk,
1. We 100% accept the DOA, but for some special fishes/ too far places, I will inform you the risk and maybe not 100% taken.
2. Please follow my comments for the fish packaging and shipping process.

The hyperlink of airlines & CFE express,

TransAsia Airways:
Chau-Feng Express:

International Shipments

1. We can export the fishes to worldwide.

2. All the fishes' price are exclude the shipping/ packaging cost, please contact us for further shipping information. (E-mail: )